• Animals, Birds

    • Lot 720
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    14.03.2019: Falsche Katalognummer SG3 nicht SG2

    WESTERN AUSTRALIA, very beautiful 4 pence blue with light trace of hinge.

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    130.00 EUR

    • Lot 721
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    WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Very beautiful 1 sh. roulette in the scarce grey brown shade and with a full canc. "1" PERTH. Not cut into the design by the roulettes, which they often are. The cert. states old SG No. 14. Cert RPS 1975. SUPERB & RARE.

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    600.00 EUR

    • Lot 722
    • 29

    WESTERN AUSTRALIA, a very beautiful 2 pence pale orange with roulettes clear of the design on all four sides with a very clear canc. "1". Cert. Holcombe. SUPERB.

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    140.00 EUR

  • Animals, Marine Species

    • Lot 880

    Large carton from estate containing thematic collection with space motifs, both unused and FDCs. Also a collection of Seychelles and a number of unopened letters from subscription of art motifs and from the Coustaeu Society.

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    60.00 EUR

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