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    Unique New Find A spectacular LA GUAIRA cover with ½ real bluish grey and 2 real orange yellow Waterlow & Sons printing, intended for use in St Thomas. As supplies were running out stamps were take into use in Venezuela. The cover is dated "La Guaira 20th May 1873" and sent to Edinburgh. Each stamp with a sharp Venezuelan pmk "0" and at side due marking "2/-". Vertical filing crease through the ½ real stamp and the stamps are partly cut out, probably due to rough perforation. The 2 real is very rare and unpriced on cover in Facit and the ½ real not earlier known! Cert. Møller. UNIQUE EXHIBITION ITEM.

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    Spectacular La Guaira Shipletter Very beautiful cover to Bordeaux 1869 franked with the very rare dos reales red in perforation 12½. Wihout price in Facit and possibly unique. Private shipletter stamp issued by J. A. Jesurun & Zoon, Curacao 1869. Canc. "CORREOS CARACAS", transit and arr. pmks on back, opened out for exhibiting. Cert. Lasse Nielsen. VERY FINE EXHIBITION RARITY

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