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    • Lot 542
    • 2

    A spectacular transatlantic letter from Highland Illinois 15.9 1850 reposted in Paris (complete contents on two large sheets). On front US pmk "PAID 10" for the rate to the harbour and French due mark "12" decimes for the shipping rate to France. Further red arrival "OUTRE-MER LE HAVRE 25 OCT 50" and on back arr. pmk "PARIS 1 29.10 1850". In Paris it was of unknown reasons much later readdressed and franked with 15 c. (slightly cut in at bottom) paying the local rate in Paris, the due mark and US pmk crossed over and by the Post endorsed "Trouvé dans la Boite" (found in the mail box). Finally it got on the back an arr. pmk "PARIS 9 3.2 1851". It was in the auction by Ivy & Mader "Masterpieces of French Philately" in New York 1998, where it erronously was said to be unintentionally transatlantic, based on cert. von der Weid. The cover is signed Calves. EXCEPTIONAL EXHIBITION RARITY

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    • Lot 2249
    • 6C^3

    "NEW YORK SEP 9" red c.d.s. on two of the three 8 penni roulette III on a beautiful piece, pos. 36, 46 & 47. Just a few perf. faults. Ex. Mertens & Fabergé. RARE.

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  • United States Revenue stamps

    • Lot 848

    Collection of ca 170 bank cheques mostly from the 1860s-80s in an album. The majority with revenue imprints but ca 40 of them have revenue adhesives affixed.

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  • United States Collections

    • Lot 846 ●

    Collection 1847 - 1970s in one Scott album. Early part mainly used and from 1920s mainly unused. Starting with 5 cent Benjamin Franklin and 10 cent George Washington on a piece, both with full margins, also Columbus set up to 3 dollar etc. Also a section with Confederate states, airmail stamps etc.
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    • Lot 847

    Collection ca 1860 - 1992 mostly used in two Davo albums inl. many better stamps however in mixed quality, very well filled from 1870 onwards. Also a well filled section UN New York.

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  • United States Covers bulk lot

    • Lot 849

    Two albums containing various covers, mainly WWII APO´s and censored covers but also 35 patriotic covers used shortly after the war.

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