• India Official stamps

    • Lot 727
    • O 100

    INDIA. Provisional Official 1925 1 r. on 25 r. DOUBLE OVERPRINT.

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  • India Collections

    • Lot 728

    INDIA & STATES. Collection in two 16 page stockbooks, one containing mostly used India from early issues up to ca 1980 and the other one containing hundreds of diff. Feudatory & Convention states plus some other material as well.
    Part of Lot Scanned

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    310.00 EUR

    • Lot 729

    INDIA & STATES. Collection 1850s - 1940s in one album incl. some covers as well as a section of Burma. ALL PICTURED ON OUR WEBSITE.
    Entire lot scanned

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    300.00 EUR

  • India Bulk lot

    • Lot 887

    Interesting duplcate stock from estate with the larger part being older issues. On Visir stock pages by country, mostly overseas incl. a lot of Asia & Africa, e.g. India & states, Dutch & Portuguese India, Japan, Persia, North Borneo, Tannu Touva, Ethiopia and various Commonwealth etc. PLEASE INSPECT.

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    270.00 EUR

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