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    • Lot 661

    Collection Saar/Saarland in two sections; one on stock cards primarily with used stamps and another section on KABE sheets, mainly *, but also some **. The last section contains e.g. both Hochwasser minisheets and many good cpl. sets and single stamps.

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    1500.00 EUR

    • Lot 662

    Very well filled unused collection Saar 1947 - 1959. Mixed never hinged and lightly hinged incl. a never hinged minisheet No. 1.

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    250.00 EUR

    • Lot 663

    A comprehensive collection on loose Lindner leaves incl. many scarce sets, e.g. Mi.18-31, 128-34, 135-41 sign. Hoffmann, 144-50, 151-57, 161-67 sign. Hoffmann, 171-77 sign. Hoffmann, 267-71 etc. Very high cat. value. Please inspect.

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    900.00 EUR

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