206th Postiljonen AB Auction

September 26th - 27th, 2014

International auction offer with strong selection of issues from Scandinavian countries.

Special Information

Short Terms and Conditions

Alle Gebote sind in Euro abzugeben. Zusätzlich werden auf den Gebotspreis 25% Provision inkl. schwedischer Mehrwertsteuer berechnet. Lose, die nicht abgeholt werden, werden auf Risiko des Käufers versandt. Versandkosten, Transportkosten, Versicherung und Kreditkartengebühren werden separat berechnet.

Als Ausnahme werden nur 20% Provision ohne schwedische Mehrwertsteuer berechnet für:
a.) Exporte in Länder außerhalb der EU
b.) Händler mit Umsatz-/Mehrwertsteuerregistrierung innerhalb der EU, jedoch außerhalb Schwedens, die rechtzeitig vor der Auktion ihre Steuernummer bei uns einreichen

Für einige besonders gekennzeichnete Lose (schwarzer Punkt vor der Losbeschreibung) wird eine Importsteuer fällig. Hier werden nochmals 12% auf den Verkaufspreis aufgeschlagen, falls der Kauf nicht unter die Bestimmungen von a. oder b. fällt (siehe oben). Jedes dieser Lose ist separat gekennzeichnet. Spezielle Anweisungen und Wünsche zur Erstellung von Rechnungen müssen vor oder während der Auktion eingereicht werden. Bereits erstellte Rechnungen können nicht nachträglich verändert werden.

Please note the Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale

  1. The auction is voluntary and lots are sold on behalf of the vendor to the highest bidder. The prices indicated against each lot are starting prices and not minimum prices. It must, however, be pointed out that the starting prices should reflect a low commercial value.

  2. All bids must be submitted in Euro to which is added 25% commission incl. Swedish VAT. Lots not picked up, are shipped on buyers risk. Postage, transport, insurance, bankcharges or charges on creditcard payments will be added. Exception: Only 20% commission for

    1. Export to countries outside of EU.

    2. V.A.T. registered dealers inside of EU, but outside of Sweden, who forward their V.A.T. registration number in good time before the auction.

Lots marked • in front of the lot numbers are subject to import V.A.T. 12% will be added to the hammer price, except for a and b above. Invoicing instructions must be received before or during the auction. Invoices can not be changed afterwards.
The bids are increased as follows:

  • 0-500 Euro, step of 10 Euro
  • 500-2000 Euro, step of 50 Euro
  • 2000- Euro, step of ca 5%

Bids not corresponding with these steps might be reduced.

  1. Bids submitted are binding, and cancellation is only acceptable if received simultaneously with the bid. If bids are given on behalf of others, then the bidder is himself responsible for the fulfilment of the conditions of sale. The bidder is responsible for faulty mail bids and the same applies in misunderstandings in bids submitted by telephone or fax. The bidder is personally responsible for any and all his purchases in the auction.

  2. Mail bids are dealt with conscientiousness, but without further responsibility to the auctioneer. The auctioneer reserves the right to regroup, split up or withdraw lots and can in case of misunderstandings or disagreements annul the bids and restart the bidding. The auctioneer can also withhold the assignment to undesirable persons or refuse them admittance to the auction-room without explanation. In case of two equal mail bids for the same object, this will be sold to the bidder whose bid was the first received. The mail bidder can write alternative bids and/or indicate a total maximum purchase limit.

  3. Payment is made in advance based on an advance invoice. The ownership of the objects remain with the vendor until the full invoice amount has been paid. If payment is not received 8 days from the invoice date, 2% interest per month is charged together with a fee of Euro 10,-. To this may be added additional documented expences. Has payment not been received 30 days after the invoice date or has the buyer refused to pay, then the objects in question can, without further notification, be reauctioned at the expense of the buyer.

  4. Lots are conscientiously described but faults may occur. Claims must be made at the latest 10 days after receipt of the lot and full payment has been made with reference to the invoice number. If a claim is accepted, the full hammer price + commission and eventual V.A.T. is refunded. Interest compensation can not be made.

  5. Request for extension must be made immediately and within 8 days from receipt. Certifier must be approved by the auctioneer. In case of a claim the auctioneer may demand a certificate from a well-known expert. Objects with certificates may, if the auctioneer regards it as justified, and if the original certifier is approved by the auctioneer, only be returned if two other well-known experts have certified a different opinion. Stamps with visible defects on photo (such as cuts, perforation, centering, cancellations etc.) can not be claimed. Returned objects must be in the same condition as when received. Lots of more than three stamps can not be claimed if one of the stamps has a minor defect. Large lots may contain both mint and used material. Collections and mixed lots are sold as is. A difference of approx. 10-20% must be accepted by the buyer.

  6. Submission of verbal or mail bids means that the bidder has accepted above conditions.

  7. Swedish law is applicable.

Catalogue numbers next to the object number is based on FACIT for the Nordic countries and MICHEL for the rest of the world, if nothing else is stated.


Order and Payment

Mail and E-mail Bidders!

We always endeavour to simulate the actual auction situation for our mail bidders, you must however beforehand have determined the maximum you wish to pay for each lot and we will ensure that this maximum is not exceeded.

Your bids must be in Euro and divisible by 10.

The bidding always starts with the second highest mail bid plus the next increase (see condition of sale sect. 2). The bidding then continues between the bidders in the audience and the highest mail bidder.

We can also offer a "maximum service" which allows you to fix your total maximum purchase. The total of your individual bids may exceed your maximum, but we will ensure that your total purchase stays within the maximum requested.

Should there be two or more equal mail bids then the first bid received will buy the lot, so please submit your bids as early as possible.

We can only guarantee that your bids will be considered if we have received them before 12 a.m. on the day before the auction.


Financing the auction purchase

By leaving purchased lots as security, we are able to finance a large part of the total purchase for shorter or longer periods. Credit or payment arrangements must be agreed on in good time before the auction.


Payment by Credit Card

The credit cards we accept are MasterCard & VISA.
A service charge of only 2,5 % will be added to your invoice total. In this case there will be no other bankcharges. All credit card transactions have to be made at equivalent amount in SEK. For overseas customers we recommend that you notify your bank before the transaction.

Även svenska bank-, betal- och kreditkort accepteras.



Please note that the buyer’s premium is 25%. Buyer’s premium 20% only for: 1. Export to countries outside of EU. 2. V. A. T. registered dealers inside of EU (Not Swedish). V. A. T. numbers has to be forwarded to us in good time before the auction!



Köparprovisionen är 25% för kunder inom EU. Momsregistrerade handlare, se ovan.


Import V.A.T.

Lots marked •

Please note that lots marked · in front of the lot no. are subject to importation V.A.T. 12% will be added to the auction price except for: 1. Export to countries outside of EU 2. V.A.T. registered dealers inside of EU (Not Swedish). V.A.T. numbers has to be forwarded to us in good time before the auction!



This auction is held in Euro. If there is anything you are wondering about regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Postiljonen AB
Box 537
S-201 25 Malmö
Tel: +46 (0)40 25 88 50
Fax: +46 (0)40 25 88 59



Freitag 26 September

Dänemark inkl. William Benfields ”Danish Essays and Proofs” 1-387
Färöer-Inseln, Grönland DWI 388-428
Finnland 429-466
Island 467-641
Norwegen 642-686


Samstag 27 September

Schweden, Einzellose 687-884
Schweden, Markenheftchen 885-913
Schweden, Sammlungen 914-1009
Skandinavien, Sammlungen 1010-1019
Nicht-skandinavische Länder in alphabetischer Reihenfolge 1020-1404
Europa und ganze Welt, Sammlungen 1405-1455

Auction Results